About Us

The U.S.A Clydesdale Preservation Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the Clydesdale Horse. We created the foundation because of their “at risk” status. Through our efforts we hope to educate the public about the breed's current plight and to contribute to the betterment of the breed. Currently the foundation has 5 Clydesdales that live in Gilbert, AZ. 

Helping Through Rescue and Rehabilitation


The USACPF wants to prevent the Clydesdales from being inhumanely or unnecessarily slaughtered. We communicate with and attend auctions in Arizona and try to rescue any Clydesdale horses before they are sold for slaughter and shipped to other countries.

All Clydesdale horses rescued will be cared for by USACPF trained staff and needed medical treatment will be provided by our local veterinarian.

After rehabilitation is complete the horses will be evaluated. At that time a permanent adoption to an
appropriate home could be arranged. Few horses can be retained for USACPF to assist in the foundation's work.

USACPF provides services for surrendered Clydesdale horses and their owners who are unable to provide care for their horses.  After care and evaluation the horses are either placed in our adoption program or used as USACPF horses for our foundation's work.

Helping Through Education and Demonstration

USACPF provides an educational resource for colleges and high schools to enhance their equestrian curriculum and offers important information about the Clydesdale Horse. When invited USACPF staff will instruct using our curriculum.

Young Women’s Program provided by USACPF includes youth education about horse care, safety and offers beginner rider opportunities. Additionally, the young members learn about the Clydesdale Horse and become Youth Ambassadors for USACPF.

Educational Programs and demonstrations provided by both USACPF and the USA Clydesdale Drill Team demonstrations are available to 4-H, FFA, county fairs and other community programs to teach about the versatility and care of the Clydesdale horse, as well as participate in community parades.

Resources Available - USACPF provides resources for first time Clydesdale owners and Clydesdale breeders who are new to Arizona.  Additionally, we offer information about how to help the Clydesdale Horse adapt to their new environment.

Foundation Activities
  • Playtime at Horseshoe Park
  • Parades
  • City trail rides
  • County and state fair Clydesdale exhibits
  • Horse exhibitions
  • High school and college educational speaking
  • 4-H presentations
  • School field trips for youth
  • Volunteer day for special needs students
  • Fund raising events
  • Bathe a Clydesdale day (parent child activity)
  • Volunteer BBQ
  • Board member volunteer day



Come join us and learn how you might become involved as an owner, future breeder, volunteer or financial supporter of one of the rare breeds.

USACPF also sponsors yearly equine educational scholarships for young women interested in an education in equine sciences.
USACPF is a Breed Affiliate Member of the Equus Survival Trust.
USACPF is a member of Fleet of Angels.
    A break for everyone.

    Volunteers at draft horse event. 

    The Clydesdales enjoying a city ride.
    Clydes exercising at Horseshoe Park.

    People enjoying the Clydesdales at the Pinal County Fair.

    A nice win at the Parada Del Sol for the Clydesdales.
    Clydesdales enjoying pasture time. 

    Fair attendees learning more about the Clydesdales.

    Clydesdales at work with the children.

     We hope to see you at schools, parades, colleges and other venues in the future.